C.H.I.P.S.A. The Gerson Therapy HOSPITAL and Advanced Immunotherapy Center For Cancer

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We are known as CHIPSA - The Original Gerson Therapy Hospital and we have been on the forefront of advanced cancer treatments and immunological therapies for over 38 years, including the Gerson protocol, immunotherapy for the remission of cancer and the treatment of other degenerative diseases.

​Many have attempted the Gerson Therapy and practice over the years, but few have the credentials to declare the positive results. CHIPSA Hospital has been able to maintain remissions in treating malignant cancers and degenerative diseases.

The medical practice at CHIPSA Hospital has been treating patients through integrative medical protocols since 1979. Over the last several years, combined the best-known therapies of this new century into a potential leading integrative medical practice. Several of our treatments have achieved long-term results on their own. To our knowledge nobody has ever combined individualized protocols together. This combination has produced some very amazing results.

Since our inception, we at CHIPSA have established the first multidisciplinary integrative medical protocols in North America, involving the integration of the Gerson Therapy along with advanced immunity enhancing protocols currently recommended by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Our Center integrates the diet therapy as the nutrition basis for our patient-centered care as we align specific treatment protocols. Our practice is an outstanding success at the Gerson Medical Center and the participating melanoma patients published in peer reviewed medical journals of the Gerson Therapy, that included a study of five-year survival rates.

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  • K
    KVN Construction
    I went through the ibogaine treatment in this clinic. I am now over one year clean completely from opiates or any other drugs. I have also since quit smoking and I am completely sober. My experience was really good and I recommend chipsa to anyone that is looking to get clean and go through a very professional Ibogaine treatment. Also chipsa was the second clinic I went to. The first clinic was not a good experience. So I know the difference between a good and bad Ibogaine treatment. Thank you chipsa for your amazing care.
  • G
    Gytis Volkavicius
    Great hospital with professional staff. I spend in hospital 1 week and did Gerson therapy. My immune system improve and I continue diet at home now. Atmosphere in hospital is amaziing. I highly recommend. Gytis from Lithuania
  • R
    ray martyniuk
    Our stay at the CHIPSA Hospital was nothing short of incredible! The therapy, the Drs, the nurses and the coordinators were an integral part of my healing! The hospital is run professionally but also with the subtle touches that your home. They have made it possible for us to follow the Gerson Therapy from home with ease! Cant say enough good!!!! LOVE
  • C
    Chang chun yeun