Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Academia de idiomas

Rellenado 95%


+52 951 515 3404
Av Benito Juárez 909, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax., México
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Comments 9

  • R
    Ramiro Jarquín Ortiz
    Muy buena escuela para extranjeros que desean aprender español a través de múltiples actividades.
  • C
    Christopher Allen
    My time at ICO was very rewarding. The school helped me find a host family for the month I stayed. I walked to the school through the city everyday. After studying, I would take cooking or dancing classes. Many of the students would go out at night. We were a diverse and friendly bunch. We would go dancing or just to eat. Sometimes we would just wander around and meet people in the zócalo. The school also organized trips to the markets or other points of interest in Oaxaca like Hierve el Agua. The teachers were all very nice. I would love to go back and do it again!
  • K
    Kyle Sevits
    My teacher, Herman, and the staff have been wonderful. The main program is a ton of effort, but after a week of level A2 I can already talk to random strangers in Oaxaca with more confidence, after 2 weeks I have been able to converse with different people across industries in Mexico. All learning it takes effort on your part, but the school is willing to do as much work as you. Thank you for 2 great weeks.
  • R
    Robert Chemtob
    Loved this place. Had a wonderful teacher with only 4 or 5 other students in class. The grounds are lovely, and the busy staff very helpful. When I was disappointed with my assignment in a home stay they immediately found me a better one. Very inexpensive as well. Plus, beautiful Oaxaca too.
  • J
    James Musselman
    A really fine, well run school. I attended one-on-one instruction which went very well. Very nice grounds. Walking distance to some really fine, world class restaurants (that do not cost that much!). I attended and then took the DELE exam. The Institute is a DELE exam center. Bonus!
  • D
    David Sutherland
    Without a doubt the best Spanish language school in Oaxaca.
  • R
    Ron Mader
    The institute is a veritable institution and leading actor in cultural immersion.
  • U
    Un usuario de Google
    I love this place! It is hard to imagine a better place to come learn Spanish than the ICO in Oaxaca - from the beautiful city of Oaxaca itself to the top-notch quality of the instructors, to the opportunities the ICO provides beyond just language, this place really has the best of everything. I have taken classes at the ICO off and on for 6 months and have been impressed with the skill, creativity and professionalism of all of the teachers I have met here. And some of them have been among the very best language teachers I have ever had. One of the things that makes the ICO stand out from other schools, though, is the attention they put in to giving students access to learning in addition to the language. From making masks and a parade for Dia de Muertos, to a traditional Christmas party, to cooking, film, and dance classes, the ICO gives you opportunities to dive into the culture in a way that would be challenging to do otherwise. But by far the best is the socially-responsible tour organization that the ICO started, called Fundacion En Via, to fight poverty around Oaxaca. En Via is a non-profit microfinance organization that works to combine the power tourism with the power of microfinance in a way that I have not seen anywhere else. The fact that the ICO is committed enough to sponsor such a great program, and that students have access to it makes the ICO stand out even more among all the other Spanish language learning options.
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    Un usuario de Google
    Such a wonderful school - they have programs for any and every level of Spanish.